- NEJ -
Nordanbygärde Enskilda Järnväg
Nordabygärde Estate Railway

A very short railway with 13 inch gauge.

Nordanbygärde Enskilda Järnväg, in short "NEJ", means "Nordanby Fields Estate Railway", but "nej" in Swedish also means "no"...*. The railway is only 15 meters long with the somewhat odd track gauge of 322 mm, or 13 old Swedish inches.

The railway has its origin in the acquisition of a locomotive and a couple of wagons from the park train "Lilliputjärnvägen" in the amusement park at Furuvik outside Gävle, which had about that gauge. The railway in Furuvik was built in 1946 and was in use until 2008. Since the Lilliput-train has been reunited with the other vehicles from Furuvik at Halmstad Björkets Railway outside Halmstad, everything must now be redone from the beginning.

From being a miniature railway in scale 1:4.5 with standard gauge as reference, NEJ is now a very narrow gauge railway in 1:1 scale. New track and rolling stock are built with "real" parts from slightly wider narrow gauge. Only the gauge remains the same.

NEJ is a railway in constant, but maybe not so fast, change.

* The idea to the name "NEJ" comes from my wife, who instantly came up with the name, when I suggested a railway in the garden. - I love her enthusiasm!

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